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First Aid Training - OTS Training
First Aid Training - OTS Training
First Aid Training - OTS Training
First Aid Training - OTS Training
First Aid Training - OTS Training
First Aid Training - OTS Training
First Aid Training - OTS Training
First Aid Training - OTS Training

Basic Life Support Courses

Basic life support training provides your employees with the skills to practice effective management of Cardiac Arrest situations, using basic and advanced techniques. Each basic life support course has a detailed requirement that must be met, including primary survey, pocket masks, AED and patient after-care. 

Our most popular course is Basic Life Support With AED though we are seeing an increase in practices now including the Anaphylaxis module. Our Basic Life Support courses are run at your location for up to 15 delegates per session.

If you have more than 15 delegates, please click here to contact us directly. 

This course is aimed at low risk workplaces

This course combines First Aid At Work & Paediatric First Aid

This course is aimed at high risk workplaces

This course is for first aiders who renew their qualification.

Does Your Company Or Community Have An AED? 

Having an AED is an amazing step towards a safer workplace and a safer community. However, it is important to ensure that enough people are trained in CPR and how to use an AED.



Have You Completed These Basic Health Checks? 


  • Annual Basic Life Support Training

  • Annual AED Health Check (Pads/Wires)

  • The Batteries Are Fully Working


*Contact Us Directly If You Have More Than 15 Delegates

Are You Unsure Which AED To Buy?

We know there are more choices now becoming available when making the decision to buy an AED, but there is not enough guidance to assist with your choice. Contact us directly and we can help choose the best AED for your community, business or home. 


Immediate defibrillation can make the difference between a life lost and a life saved. With more and more cardiac arrests happening outside of the hospital, choosing a top AED that is easy to use is essential to saving lives.

What Makes OTS Different?

We at OTS have over 100 years of combined trainer experience. And our director and founder have been running OTS Training for 19 years. We work hard to build strong relationships with our customers, to provide professional, engaging and fun training. But we also provide support throughout the year. Here are some of the things we are proud of:


  • 100 years of combined experience

  • Top paramedic training officer backgrounds

  • All our first aid courses are regulated and recognised by Ofqual

  • We have been building customer relationships for 19 years

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