This course is designed for healthcare professionals, including GPs, Nurses and Administrative staff. It is also suitable for individuals working with infants and children in Nurseries, Pre-schools and for Childminders. ​


The aim of the course is to provide a practical and interactive workshop for candidates to practice effective management of Cardiac Arrest situations using basic and advanced techniques. This workshop can be used to assist in the planning/development of emergency procedures within the Practice. ​


The course also provides the candidates with the knowledge and practical skills necessary, to manage an Anaphylaxis medical emergency situation in adults and young children.

  • Conduct a Primary Survey

  • Carry out CPR in accordance with UK resuscitation guidelines

  • Pocket Mask ventilation

  • Introduction to AED

  • Application and use of AED in simulated cardiac arrest scenarios

  • Appropriate patient aftercare

  • Understanding Anaphylaxis

  • Physiological Responses in Anaphylaxis

  • Identifying Common Triggers

  • Recognising Signs & Symptoms

  • Management / Treatment of Anaphylaxis

  • Administration of Adrenaline

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Assessment: Practical Competence Based

Delegate Limit: 15

* Please inform us of how many people you would need to be trained and any dates would be looking for. 


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