Is Your Business A High Risk Environment? Follow Our Workplace Safety Precautions.

Safety in High Risk Workplace Environments is crucial for employers and employees. 144 workers are killed at work and over 600,000 injuries happen at work every year, 65,000 of which happen in the high risk construction industry.

When it comes to safety the correct protocols must be in place to ensure the well-being of employees. We have provided a list of safety precautions that all high risk working environment employers should be taking.

What safety precautions should you be taking?

  • Risk Assessments - These will highlight any potential hazards and help you to put precautions in place to prevent injuries.

  • Health & Safety Policy - There must be a policy in place by law for companies who employee over 5 persons.

  • Safety Briefings - For high risk environments, regular safety briefings and emergency procedure briefings with teams is important to efficiency when dealing with emergencies.

  • Up To Date Maps - Maps and Plans of buildings should be ready in a secure location which is away from the high-risk location so that emergency services can be prepared, protecting their safety as well as your employees.

  • First Aiders - Having skilled first aiders on site is essential for dealing with industry related injuries and medical emergencies. These trainers should have tailored training to the high-risk environment, not just the basic training. Call Us For Free Advise.

  • AED Accessibility - Having AED’s available on the site will increase the survival rate for cardiac emergencies. A victims survival rate decreases by 10% every minute that they’re not treated without a defibrillator. Check Our Our Defibrillators.

The First Aid Requirements Calculator :

The correct first aid provision in the workplace is more than just a legal requirement it is important to the safety of you and employees, you can use the First Aid Requirements Calculator on our Training Portal to see a full breakdown of how many first aiders your business requires and what type of training they need. Determine your workplace, identity your risks and produce a free report, to keep everyone safe.

Calculate Your Requirements Now


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