Summer First Aid - How To Treat Heat Exhaustion

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Finally the bank holiday is with us ! The final moment of the summer to take a break from the outside world and reflect on another summer gone by. The final break before the realisation hits us, that the family holiday is over, the rush for last minute school shopping is days away and you’re running out of ways to entertain the kids.

The good news is that the sun is planning to join us, so for us we’re hoping to take a hike up onto the mendip hills and enjoy the view … and maybe a well deserved pint at the top !

If your plan is to be outside in the sun or having a final BBQ then it is important to make sure that you do it safely. Otherwise there is a risk of you becoming unwell as a result of heat exhaustion which can lead to heat stroke if not treated, and this is a life-threatening condition.

What are your plans going to be ?

Relaxing in the sun, a final BBQ, a trip somewhere exciting, or just chilling out at home ?

Comment below or tweet us, what your plans are.

How To Treat Heat Exhaustion:

  1. Move them into a cool place

  2. Remove excessive or constricting clothing

  3. Give them plenty of water or oral rehydration solutions (like dioralyte) or isotonic drinks (eg sports drinks)

  4. Seek medical advice, even if the casualty recovers quickly

How To Treat Heat Stroke:

  1. Move the into a cool place

  2. Call 999 for emergency help

  3. Cool them rapidly with whatever methods you can e.g./ remove outer clothing and wrap in a cold wet sheet. Keep this wet and cold until temperature falls to normal levels then replace with dry sheet

  4. Alternative cooling methods

  5. Sponge with tepid water, fanning them to help evaporate it

  6. Place in cool shower if they are conscious and able to

  7. Spray with cool water from garden hose


Alcohol in the sun can be dangerous as it may disguise dangerous symptoms of heat exhaustion you are experiencing, ensure you drink plenty of water or non-alcoholic drinks.


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