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Training Saves Lives - Read Claire's Story

We train because out trainers enjoy passing on their knowledge, and we all share a vision to see more people with life saving skills. For us the most valuable and rewarding feedback we get, is when our trainees tell us their stories of saving lives.

Recently, we received a very rewarding email from a someone, who recently attended one of our Basic Life Support and Defib training courses. Not long after the course she found herself in a position when the skills she practiced helped save a man's life.

Here's Claire's story...

"Yesterday evening I was in a pub in the centre of Bristol and a man collapsed unresponsive and not breathing. Myself and a GP who was also present worked as a team and provided 3 cycles of CPR, another person present ran next door to collect a defib from a gym. It worked so well and the man actually regained consciousness despite still looking very unwell and was rushed to hospital by an ambulance.

I can't thank Frank enough for the teaching I received, it was fantastic. The training I had that day was the best preparation possible, I cant thank Frank and the team enough. It really made me think that everybody should have basic life support training."

Claire Barker, Physiotherapist

It's a fantastic reminder that the life skills we teach are used every day, in different situations and are so vitally important. We hope the man is recovering well and we are thankful Clare was nearby to help.

If you would like to learn these skills, please click here to have a look at the courses we run.



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