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To Train People To Save Lives Around The World


OTS Training (Occupational Training Solutions) is a leading First Aid training provider, primarily focused in the South West of England, though their training has ventured as far as Ghana. OTS formally known as Elizabeth Francis Medical was founded in 2000 when co-founder Frank Wood decided to use his paramedic tutor career, to share his knowledge for the benefit of other people. OTS has a wide client base offering bespoke courses whilst delivering high-quality training.


The OTS trainers have over 100 years of expertise between them and all hold teaching qualifications to ensure that they can offer the best training. OTS is known for its engaging, interactive and professional training among their clients, with high-quality service provided from the initial point of contact through to payment and course evaluation. OTS works with its clients to offer an experience that is tailored to each individual businesses specifications. 



Co-Founder & Managing Director


Communications Director


Here at OTS, we have the vision to see more people with life-saving skills across the globe. We may share this with other trainers, but for us, it's about offering training which has more value. We do this by making sure our training is always of a high-quality, interactive while being engaging and enjoyable.


We know that training can be an annual, bi-annual, or 3 yearly chores and not one that people look forward too. We do our best to make it something that trainees feel relaxed about, knowing that our trainers will use role play and their medical knowledge to make it memorable.


Our vision to increase the number of lifesavers is supported through our support work throughout communities around the globe, whether that be donating equipment or training out in countries such as Ghana ... here at OTS, we want to make a difference. So why not join us and be a part of it!

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