Summer First Aid - How To Treat Barbecue Burns

Updated: May 13, 2020

How exciting, the summer is finally on its way! Today we at OTS have had our first BBQ and are ready for many more to come (fingers crossed).

We all know it’s fun and enjoyable having your friends and family come over for a BBQ, all having a drink … or two while the food is cooked ! But they can become very dangerous very quickly, standing around hot flames while intoxicated could lead to severe BBQ burns. What seems like a fun time can become a nightmare, so staying safe by knowing how to treat barbecue burns is crucial. Also, it is extremely important that Children are kept at a distance from the Barbecue at all times!

We want you to be prepared for this summer and to enjoy a safe BBQ. Barbecue Burns are one of the injuries we can sustain when either standing too close, not using long-handled tools whilst cooking or just being distracted by events around us.

Here is guidance on what to do if burns occur:

  1. Cool the burn under cold water for at least 10 minutes until pain is relieved. We know that can seem a long time but it is the most important thing you can do. When you are burnt, your skin is essentially ‘cooking’ and placing the burn under cold water will stop this process. If it’s a large area to cool, ensure you do not overdo it and induce hypothermia

  2. Remove jewellery as swelling could occur to burnt area

  3. Remove clothing which is loose, but do not pull if any signs of being stuck

  4. Do not burst blisters as this can increase the risk of infection

  5. Do not apply lotions and ointments

  6. Apply sterile burns dressing that will not stick. Cling film can be used, discard first two turns, then apply length ways over burn to not wrap around tightly.

Always seek medical advice if you have any uncertainty or if:

  1. The casualty is a child

  2. The burn is larger than 1-inch square

  3. The burn goes all the way around a limb

  4. Any part of the burn appears to be full thickness

  5. The burn involves hands, feet, genitals or face

Having a BBQ why not tweet us a picture @otsinfo !

Want to learn more about First Aid ? Click here to join one of our upcoming courses !


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